Follow the clues to find more sales

I’m a nerd. There I said it. And I absolutely love my Apple products. I’m typing this post on my 13″ iPad Pro, glancing at my AppleWatch for notifications, all while my iPhone sits loyally by my side. With this admission, it should be no surprise that I was very interested in the new iPhone. And luckily, my cell phone provider, T-Mobile, allows me to upgrade three times a year¹! It’s a match made in geek heaven— new devices, great cell phone service, and I save a ton of money!

This week, I saw a tweet from T-Mobile CEO John Ledger² announcing a sweet deal on the new iPhone. “Upgrade to the iPhone7, and you receive a free storage upgrade.” So I click on the link in his tweet, which leads to the iPhone7 page on their website. Since I’m logged in, the promotional pricing is displayed. But I’m not sure if I want the smaller, easier to handle iPhone7, or the larger iPhone 7 Plus with the amazing camera, so I visit the iPhone 7 Plus page to learn more. After comparing the two devices, I’ve decided to upgrade. While I could possibly upgrade through the website, I’m concerned about making a mistake. Instead, I call to call into customer service.

Let’s pause for a second, and think about all of the bread crumbs I’ve left:

  1. I follow their CEO on Twitter
  2. I responded to an advertisement by clicking on a custom link.
  3. When I landed at the T-Mobile website, my account was logged in.
  4. I looked at sales information for two new devices which do not match any in use on my account.
  5. After browsing their online store for 10 minutes, I called into customer service.

Unfortunately, most contact centers can’t see the clues. They simply receive a call and offer a self-service option, which I cannot bypass fast enough by dialing zero. Then I wait, and I wait, and I wait. I wait while I repeatedly hear how important my call is³, all the while wondering if my old iPhone is good enough. I mean the new one looks just like the old one, right? I begin worry that I’ll miss my headphone port. And if I wait until the iPhone 8, which I hear will be awesome, my phone will be paid off. So I talk myself out of the latest and greatest and hang up.4

Imagine the impact be to your business if your Customer Engagement software could follow the clues and react to them? Based on the bits of info above, it is likely that I am going to make a purchase decision. Wouldn’t it make sense to prioritize this type of call over others, to minimize the change for second thoughts? How about routing my call to a specialist who also loves Apple products? I believe each suggestion could help close the deal faster, create more customer loyalty, and make me more likely to share the experience with my social networks.

If you’re tired of missing the clues, it’s time for an upgrade. Avaya Oceana can identify your customer, deduce the reason for their interaction with your brand, and provide you with the tools to measure the customer experience.

Want to learn more? Visit or leave me a comment.

1 Seriously, the Jump on Demand deal is the greatest thing going for a nerd like me. I lease my phone, I can upgrade three times a year, all while I save tons of cash on my monthly plan. If you haven’t checked out T-Mobile, do it. You’ll thank me later.

2 For a masters class on using Social Media to create brand awareness and increase sales, do yourself a favor and follow John Ledger on Twitter.

3 The greatest disservice customer service groups do is mis-use the apology / your call is important to us announcement. When you tell me after 15 seconds how important my call is, and then continue to repeat that same recording every 15 seconds, I think you’re lying to me.

4 Work with me here. You all know that I’d walk over hot coals, jump out of an airplane and climb up a mountain to get the newest gadget. And for those curious, I have an iPhone 7 Plus, and the camera is outstanding.


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