Spiderman Homecoming

This week Sony released not one, but two trailers for next summer’s “Spiderman Homecoming”. While this will be the third movie version of Spiderman, it’s the first jointly developed with Marvel. In case you missed the trailers, give each a view.

Fun, right? In my opinion, the scene with Peter foiling the ATM robbery was vintage Spiderman. I also really like the feel of Tony Stark acting as a father figure and mentor to Peter.

Now, let’s have some fun. Based on the two trailers, here’s how I think the movie will be constructed.

First Act

This past spring, Batman vs. Superman compressed Batman’s origin story into the opening credits, assuming moviegoers were well versed in Batman’s history. While Homecoming isn’t meant to serve as another Spiderman origin story, I think the first act will serve as a prequel to Captain America: Civil War and tell a compressed version of this Peter’s origin. I expect we will see Peter bitten by a spider, learn how he developed the web shooters, and more than likely relive Uncle Ben’s death. The scene with Happy Hogan delivering the new suit to Peter will likely bridge into the second act.

Second Act

Judging from the trailers, I think the second act of the film will focus on Peter post-Civil War. We will see the limo scene where Tony returns Peter to New York after the Airport battle. We will see Peter struggle with High School and being a superhero. We know Peter keeps the suit after Tony drops him off, and Peter most likely begins fighting street level crime, as shown during the ATM robbery.

In the second act, the Vulture is introduced and begins his spree of escalating crimes, which Peter struggles to stop. This leads to the scene where he’s keeping the two halves of Staten Island Ferry together after a Vulture attack. Peter’s involvement in that crime will lead to a visit from Tony, and a field trip to the Avengers base. Tony councils Peter to stand down, and let the registered superheroes deal with the Vulture, per the Slovakia accords.

Third Act

The third act will find Peter on a field trip to Washington DC. The Vulture has also gone to D.C., continuing to commit crimes along the way. Peter, frustrated by the lack of progress in addressing the Vulture, sees an opportunity to stop the Vulture, validating himself to an increasingly father figure like Tony Stark. This will lead to the scene with Spiderman on the Washington Monument, jumping over the helicopter and then flying using his new wings, which I believe he develops…not Tony. The action eventually comes back to New York, where Spiderman defeats the Vulture. The scene with Iron Man and Spiderman flying through New York is the closing scene before credits roll, as Peter earns the approval from his mentor and Father figure.

Think my prediction was wrong? Share your predictions in the comments!


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