In the movie Iron Man, Tony Stark struggled against his former friend and business partner, Obadiah Stain, as the Iron Monger, to save the world from a hostile force equipped with his armor. At the end of the film, Nick Fury visited Tony and informed him of “the Avengers Initiative.” Over the course of multiple films, Nick Fury’s organization, S.H.I.E.L.D, began assembling a collection of super heroes with specific talents.

Individually these super heroes could fight their own battles, against enemies who their skill set aligned with*. Iron Man defeated Iron Monger, who tried to replicate his armor for evil purposes. Captain America fought the Red Skull, who like Steve Rogers was enhanced with the Super Soldier serum. Thor learned humility from Earth, and was rewarded with renewed access to Mjolnir to defeat Asgardian technology. Bruce Banner, as the Hulk, was able to defeat the Abomination, who also was given super strength from Gamma radiation.

Each hero defeated an enemy whose power matched their own. Nick Fury envisioned a time when an enemy would be too strong, or incompatible for one superhero’s powers. To solve this challenge, the strengths of multiple heroes would be required. In the movie the Avengers, we learned how a team of superheroes with specific skills could come together and blend those powers to beat an undefeatable enemy from the far reaches of the universe.

In the Avaya universe, we’ve had a string of superhero stories. Let me introduce you to them.

Scopia Desktop, a superhero video conferencing application whose superpower is the ability to instantly teleport teammates, suppliers and customers to a face to face meeting. Scopia Desktop defeated its hated rival, Budget Buster who’s evil powers made expense budgets explode.

Avaya Aura Conferencing, with it’s super strength to support hundreds of people talking and collaborating on documents with a single bridge was legendary. With that kind of power, it’s no wonder the nefarious TimeWaster couldn’t keep slowing down productivity and decision making.

When Captain Complexity and the Inbox Attachment Assassins, whose evil led to different apps and inboxes stuffed to the gills with shared files. The dynamic duo of Avaya Communicator, whose simple and consistent user interface made communicating easy, and its trusty sidekick Avaya MutliMedia Messaging, who’s Workstream collaboration capability fought off this threat to make team communications easy while reducing the amount of confusing emails sent among team members.

The newest superhero on the team, Esna Communicator had the most amazing superpower of all…invisibility. Hiding in plain sight in the web browser, Esna Communicator was able to stop its fierce rival Doctor Client Configurator, by embedding communications that work automatically into the Internet Browser.


While these superhero applications fought specific challenges to getting work done, the time has come for our heroes to assemble. More than just a new name for our team of superhero apps, Avaya Equinox represents the merger of our apps where each strength is blended to produce a seamless user experience that solves the challenges your business faces.

In today’s post, I’ll touch on three areas where Equinox is different than anything you’ve seen from Avaya.

A Focus on the User

At it’s core, Avaya Equinox is an application which provides simplicity and consistency. It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPad, a Samsung GS7, a new MacBook Pro, or the new Avaya Vantage desktop device**, Equinox looks, feels and functions the same, which means less user training and faster adoption. This means lower travel and global roaming expenses, increased speed in decision making, and a more successful workforce.

A New Way to Work

In today’s smartphone equipped world, most conversations start silently. Messaging has overtaken voice as the starting point for almost all communications. Avaya Equinox was built to support this change.

Equinox Messaging delivers simple Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) between users. Chats can be promoted to a voice or video call with a single click. This means if you are driving, and text messaging isn’t appropriate, one click allows you to continue the conversation. There isn’t much magic there, most IM&P solutions can do this. Equinox Messaging really stands out for team based messaging.

Create a new chat room for your team to discuss a project. Invite additional members as necessary. Instead of clogging up everyone’s inbox with endless emails and attachments, upload files associated with the project to the chat room. This means if you need to reference these files again, they’re right at your fingertips in the project chat room, synchronized to all of your devices. If one member of the team can’t chat, one click builds a voice and video conference for all team members.

Conferencing Made Easy

Equinox Conferencing dramatically reduces travel costs with it’s easy to use audio & video conferencing. With Equinox Conferencing, your users can build a conference call on demand, or send a meeting invitation to participants. With a single click, participants can join using their Equinox enabled mobile phones, tablets, computers, or Avaya Vantage desktop device. If some users gather in a video enabled conference room, they simply dial the extension number for the Equinox Conference. External users can join using just their web browser with the Equinox Portal, powered by WebRTC.

Once the team is together, members can share documents, applications or a full computer desktop. This instant access to relevant information is the key towards faster decision making, improved performance, and increased customer service scores.

One Last Thing

Avaya Equinox is a product that has the power to rapidly and dramatically lower travel & global roaming expenses. Equinox brings teams together with the content that matters, improving decision making speed. Equinox also dramatically lowers the amount of email employees must deal with on a daily basis, improving employee engagement. All of these benefits can be potentially realized without additional software licensing costs.

Avaya Equinox is included with your Avaya Aura core & power user license bundles! Simply setup Equinox applications in your data center, on virtual or physical servers, and reap the benefits of this powerful solution.

Want to learn more? Contact your Avaya Representative or leave me a comment below.


* There’s an interesting debate in the comic world that Marvel’s Achilles Heel is the lack of a strong and diverse set of villains. The villain each super hero fights against generally has super powers that mirrors the hero’s power. In DC terms, Batman is as popular as he is due in no small part to his diverse set of villains. 

** It’s really hard to describe the Vantage endpoint. Is it a phone, because it makes great phone calls with it’s DECT wireless handset? Is it a tablet, because it’s got a billboard sized screen, runs on Android, and has Equinox embedded into it? Is it a video conferencing unit, since you can jump into a video call with a single click? The answer is D, all of the above.  If you haven’t seen one yet, be sure to check them out here.


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