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How I Work – Zang Spaces

One of the most useful tools in my toolbox is Zang Spaces. Spaces has helped me take the work out of getting work done. Check out this five minute video I created to see how!

Zang Spaces Walkthrough from Steve Forcum on Vimeo.


Teach your business software new skills

If you’ve ever seen the Iron Man movies you’ve met JARVIS, Tony Stark’s Artificial Intelligence, who’s always present to control the smart home, power Tony’s armor, or provide a sarcastic comment. From the moment I walked out of the movie theater years ago, I wanted to bring JARVIS to my home.

Fast forward eight years, and that wish has begun to come true. Leading in this space is Amazon, with their Echo line of products which bring their Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, Alexa, to your home. You can ask Alexa for information, such as “what’s the weather in Seattle?”, or “What’s my commute?”, or “What’s on my calendar today?”. You can also ask Alexa to help with tasks such as “re-order Paper Towels”, “Set a Timer for 20 minutes”, or “Play music”.

If Artificial Intelligence could only tell you the time, or set a timer, it isn’t what I would call intelligent. Amazon agreed, and developed a Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Alexa. This toolkit for developers enabled Alexa to learn new “skills” such as ordering a pizza from Dominos, fetching the headlines from Huffington Post, or asking Automatic if you need more gas. These “skills” are integrations between two systems which delivers real value.

Now think about what Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically the “skills” you can teach it, could do for your business. Imagine the growth in customer loyalty, if Artificial Intelligence could react to a maintenance alert from a customer’s vehicle by conferencing in service technicians, ordering the necessary parts, and building a conference call with the customer to discuss the situation and schedule an appointment. What would the impact be to patient experience, if a change in health captured by monitoring equipment resulted in a video conference with the patient care team, with all relative records included in the conference?

Only Avaya can empower your business software to achieve these results. You can teach your existing communications solution new “skills” using Avaya Breeze, or leverage the power of the cloud with Zang, our Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

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